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A viral stunt to support the launch the new Peugeot 208.

Filmed in one continuous shot from the POV of the Peugeot’s reverse-parking camera the challenge involved driving backwards across a huge urban course. Every precision-turn reveals the next audacious stunt from a team of professional performers: skaters Tony Gale and Nathan Morris, freestyle BMX rider Keelan Phillips, extreme mountain biker Danny Butler and Storm Freerun’s Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph. There are no cutaways so the stakes were high for this uninterrupted one-take sequence of stunts.

Guiding us through the action was Junior Rally driver Chris Ingram who had to navigate through the course using only the reverse parking camera and a blue guiding line before finishing with an exhilarating handbrake turn – all in one, unedited take.

Director | Mike Sharpe

Producer | Joe Binks

Production Company | Found Studio

Cinematography | Greg Taylor

Production Design | Emma Winter

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