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BAD BARISTA | PACO (Commercial)

What Could Possibly Go Wrong if a Hipster starts to work as a Coffee Barista?!?!
Bottom line “ Always get the right name” or as an alternative, just run away from any Hipster Barista!
Unleash the Chaos It’s a simple yet engaging idea that was shot in London.The essence of this story it’s their characters. Thanks to a very skilled, versatile and talented casting (lead by the talent of Matt Hunter) we were able to transform all the small sub-plots and sidekick episodes into something unique and full of humor (or at least into something “catastrophic”).

Winner of two Cannes Lion awards.


Client: TEVA London

Product: DuoResp Spiromax

Director: Paco
Executive Producer: Matt Nelson
Producer: Luke Plaister
Cinematography: Federico Alfonzo

Production Design |  Emma Winter

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