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Brand | Footlocker

An immersive sensory experience to launch Foot Locker’s new “Triple Black” trainer collection.

We were set the exciting challenge to create a space in which members of the public, and VIPs, could win pairs of “triple black” trainers by finding them in complete darkness. To make things more interesting, we were asked to add in some “obstacles” along the way…

Conceived and produced in just nine days, we built a 13x8m set in a warehouse, which housed a maze of different rooms designed to disorientate our challengers. Each challenger entered the space with no idea of what to expect. They were then presented with a huge black box with a shaft of light protruding from an opening. Cautiously they would enter the box and make their way down an internal corridor, at the end of which was a “briefing room” where the rules of the challenge were read to them by a mysterious voice. After this the lights would go out and they were left to work their way through a series of rooms and challenges. Firstly, a “bees room” with disconcerting sound effects, then a balloon chamber, an installation room with an array of real and fake limbs protruding from the walls, and finally a corridor filled with polystyrene balls, wind machines and strobe lights creating a dizzying vortex. Once the trainers had been found, the challengers had ten seconds to escape.

Filming in complete darkness was a challenge not only for the cameras but also for the film crew that needed to also navigate their way, unsuspected, through the rooms. As a result, the live action was captured using night vision infra-red cameras and the set was designed to have removal walls and two-way mirrors to allow the film crew to shoot into the rooms without the challenger’s knowledge.


Director | Marcus Moresby
Cinematography | Greg Taylor
Producer | Joe Binks
Production Company | Found Studio

Production Design | Emma Winter

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