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Tasked by the UK Foreign Office's Great for Imagination Campaign to artistically interpret key patents throughout history to date. A project that spanned 2017 collaborating with the wonderful Ted Humble Smith.

Artistic Interpretation: 'Vantablack' Patent

The UK’s Surrey Nanosystems specialises in creating ultra-black coatings and took the world by storm in 2014 when it announced the creation of the world’s darkest material ever – Vantablack. This revolutionary nanostructure absorbs 99.96% of incident radiation (‘light’ in plain English), which makes it easier for sensitive space telescopes to see the faintest of stars and advanced scientific instruments to reject unwanted, stray light. That’s not just important for a telescope, but also critical systems such as Lidar sensors in autonomous vehicles and satellite positioning systems. And of course, once you create the world’s darkest black (so convincing that 3D objects look 2D) you also open up a host of creative possibilities for architects, engineers, designers and even jewellers like the UK’s Ore who have created the first range of luxury Vantablack rings.

Featured on the BBC One Show.

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